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I am passionate doing it because everyday is different such as i talk to different people and doing different tasks in every single day. Challenges and issues are different from time to time which certainly need creativity to be able to come up with solutions. My assignment continually changing, I can work from everywhere and I have freedom and flexibility to do my work (I can do my job from a coffee shop with my laptop and internet and yet I am still performing  ).

I am working as an Executive Search Consultant. The different between my role and other recruitment consultant is that I am focusing only to find those talents in the market for Supervisor level and above. I remember I started this work when I was still pretty much a fresh graduate. For me, this is the job where it is open for people from any study background and certainly open for a fresh graduate who like receiving challenge, eager to do a fast track career and certainly high confident level. At a young age, I already experienced being able to interact with management level, both client and candidates’ sides and I have the opportunity to meet with the best in the market and learn new knowledge from them. I do believe that part of the success is when you listen to other on how they’re doing it up until that top level and how you can implement it in your own career journey.

Another thing that put me interest to this work is because I simply couldn’t wait for years to reach to the senior role. This work certainly give me a fast track career. I was promoted within 6 months from a Consultant role to a Senior Consultant role due to my performance. Not only that I had the responsibility to manage my own projects and clients but I also had to be responsible for my team’s performance. In addition, the financial return worth to pursue as well. Commission (on top of your regular income) is to be expected for every assignments that you can close successfully; meaning your candidate sign a job offer and move to your Client’s organization.

So this my tips for you who are interested to work as an Executive Search Consultant. If you’re someone who like to have the above things in your job while at the same time like to do sales, be the face of a company, self-starter, have a detective nature inside of you, creative, strong communication skill, positive, persistency and driven by results – you should try this line of career. Find your way to get into the industry and experience it yourself.

Last but not least, this work certainly gives me a feel good effect. I certainly feel good everytime I successfully close a project. Not only because of the financial return that I can expect (yes, we do have target that we need to achieve and commission is my goal) but also that positive feeling when you’re actually giving others a better opportunity in their career as well as helping your Client to build their organization by recruiting good talents from the market.

By the end of the day, I love my job because it is exciting, impactful and give me a good career. And these are certainly the important things that I want to seek in the work that I am doing.
How about you?


source by :
Aprilia Patriani- Country Manager – People Search Indonesia

Aprilia Patriani

Country Manager – People Search Indonesia


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